Do's and Don'ts for Borrowers during the Mortgage Loan Processing










In the processing of your loan there are certain “DO’S AND DON’TS” which may affect the outcome of your loan request. These remain in effect not only until your loan is approved but until the loan is actually funded, recorded and closing is complete. Many times credit, income and assets are reverified after you have signed your final loan documents. We suggest you comply with the following list:


Make Sure You DO NOT:

  • DO NOT quit your job or change jobs. If you are presented with a job offer or if you lose your job contact our office immediately.

  • DO NOT change bank accounts or transfer money within your existing bank accounts. All deposits above $500 have to be documented.

  • DO NOT deposit money other than your monthly paycheck without checking with us first.

  • DO NOT co-sign for anyone.

  • DO NOT purchase a car or take on any additional debt.

  • DO NOT purchase any other real estate.

  • DO NOT apply for credit anywhere or complete any other credit application.

  • DO NOT charge any additional debt on any current credit.


Make Sure You DO:

  • DO keep all accounts current, such as the mortgages, car payments, and credit cards.

  • DO make payments on all accounts on or before the due date. If you have a problem making these payments, please call this office immediately.

  • DO please call us anytime a question may arise.

  • DO keep copies of all paycheck stubs.


If any information you provided on your application changes please let us know immediately so that we can advise you of the best way to proceed. We do not make the decision to approve or deny your loan so it is safe to tell us if your circumstances change.